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23 января 2015, 11:37

Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights of Yakutia: The citizens most complained about the living conditions and quality of water in 2014

The Republic Agency for Health received 3752 applications, 3626 of them – from the citizens, the biggest share of applications is from residents of Yakutsk in 2014. Most of all, people were unsatisfied with the living conditions, the quality of water and food.


Most of the complaints received wereabout violation of consumers rights — 1937 appeals for violations of retail business, housing and utilities, banking, telecom services, tourism, public services, transport and health services, shared construction and educational services.

There are 1815 addresses in the field of sanitary and epidemiological welfare. Most of them(664) referred to the living conditions in the accommodations. Yakutia citizens also complained about the quality of drinking water, water and food.

"The largest number of complaints has been received from Yakutsk city residents (2353), Nerungri (384), Mirny (188) and Aldan (105)," - head of Health Agency press-service Olga Kononova told YSIA.

The agency conducted the necessary work on appeals: unscheduled inspections on 367 appeals, administrative investigations on 439 appeals; it issued 355 regulations, initiated 1083 administrative proceedings, filed 283 lawsuits and claims, also opened criminal cases on two appeals.

It is worth noting that, 648 were on the wrong address. People wrote letters to the Federal Service, complaining on pets, violations of public security and order, unreasonable fees for utilities, flooding an apartment by neighbors, noise from neighbors. There were complaints about the condition of streets and sidewalks pavement. All these are beyond the competence of RAHCR.

The Agency Head recommended to contact the relevant agencies for complaints to be addressed quickly.

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