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24 ноября 2014, 15:34

Scientific expedition to study coastal adaptation to climate change came to an end in Tiksi

Expedition of science team of Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University in the framework of the "Study of coastal zones adaptation to climate change based on interdisciplinary and transnational approach» project finished its work in transpolar Yakut village Tiksi.




The aim of the international project is to apply innovative, transdisciplinary approaches to develop adaptation strategies to climate changes for sustainable development of coastal communities.

A special feature of this project is that it involves scientists from different countries, interested in the successful development of coastal regions.

The object of study of the Russian research group is Russian Arctic coastal zone — Tiksi, Bulun region, Sakha Republic (Yakutia).

The project includes case studies in France, Greenland, Russia, India, Canada, Alaska and Senegal. The project examines how science can be used for better adaptation to climate change in the future, how society adapts to the current climate change and how memories of past climate change adaptation form current and future processes.

Bulun district administration has created all conditions for fruitful work of the research group. During the work, the delegation met with the head of the region Konstantin Shahurdin, heads and specialists of regional administrations, communicated with the representatives of departments of agriculture, education, health, conservation, hydrometeorology, seaport, veterinary services, Lena Delta Wildlife Reserve, departments, district administration, experts of reindeer husbandry and fishery industry, the Association of Indigenous peoples of the North, individual entrepreneurs, local historians, teachers, schools, employment center. In addition, a focus group was organized.

In general, the objective of the working travel has been reached. The participants of these events and Bulun ulus residents are looking forward for the results of this expedition, that will further improve the lives of the northern and Arctic regions' peoples in obtaining practical solutions from all levels of the government, recommendations for solving the problems that undoubtedly exist not only in Bulun, but in all the coastal areas of the world ocean.

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