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6 ноября 2015, 14:00

Yakutia will eliminate corruption in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce

Vice-President, Executive Director of the Chamber of Stanislav Tsyuhtsinsky and the Department head Fedor Borisov signed an agreement on collaboration between the Union "Chamber of Commerce Sakha Republic (Yakutia)" and the Department at the head of Yakutia for prevention of corruption and other offenses on cooperation in combating corruption.


The agreement is intended to improve collaboration on advocacy, aimed at promoting the activities of business associations on implementation of anti-corruption procedures, realization of the Anti-Corruption Charter of Russian Business.

"The Department began its work in March of this year, to date, five officials are finished testing, the results are at the head of our republic Egor Borisov. We do not impose penalties, it is not our prerogative. We consider any addresses, we sent some to law enforcement agencies, conduct lectures, I personally met the heads of municipal settlements. In our region, there is corruption, but it is not of a systemic nature. Let us work together to eradicate it," said Fedor Borisov. In addition, he cited the example of the fight against corruption in the countries of Asia: "There's harsh methods, applying full forfeiture, punishment including the death penalty. We're just getting started, we need co-operation," he stressed.

Parties should adopt a joint action plan for implementation of the Agreement, to initiate concluding separate agreements on the document, to ensure cooperation and collaboration as necessary to hold meetings, joint meetings, seminars and round tables with participation of media to exchange information, stimulate the activity of business associations on the implementation of anti-corruption procedures, the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Charter of Russian Business, control and solution of problems in the implementation of this Agreement.

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